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I’m in California!

It’s a dream coming true. Ever since I was 15 years young I wanted to visit this part of the world, and finally I’m here!

I landed safe and sound in Los Angeles and now waiting at the baggage claim for the boyfriend to arrive from Detroit.

The travel from our campus to JFK was long and exhausting, needless to say I’m pretty spent and hungry as we didn’t get food on the plane – or maybe they did but I was sleeping. I passed out directly after take off and woke up after three hours. Watched Life of Pi on the plane (great movie to watch on the plane! It finished exactly when the plane hit the ground) and read a book about wine. Good flight, nothing to complain about.

JFK was – once again – total crap by the way. Everything such as escalators, elevators and stuff were out of order and with three mad heavy bags to carry, oof don’t let me get started. LAX on the other hand is a convenient airport. It’s big but divided into sections and it’s very easy to find everything you need.

Here are some snaps I took from my seat on the plane. I’ve seen snow, desert and typical American neighbourhoods.

20130520-203025.jpg 20130520-203059.jpg

I see my boyfriend standing at the baggage claim. See you!!

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Goodbye east coast, hello west coast!

Exactly four months ago I left the Netherlands for the east coast. I didn’t know what to expect but it has exceeded all my expectations, and more. Now, I’m sitting in my dormitory lobby, killing time before – once again – going on a new adventure: California.

This spring semester was better, cooler, crazier and much more than anything else I’ve ever done in the 21 years on this globe. Reality hasn’t hit me yet, I’m still chilling at the university like every other day, but it’s really over. The last words of this chapter have been written. 

In two hours I’m leaving Fairleigh Dickinson University once and for all, and I’m really sad to be leaving but also this amazing chapter has to end. I’m flying from JFK to LAX at 4 pm so in less than 9 hours I’m in the Golden State. Woohoo!!

Sun, sea and beach, here I come! 

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Worst. Flight. Ever.

I am not kidding. I have been on longer flights than Amsterdam – JFK but this was the absolute worst. The thing is, it started off so well! I spent 3 wonderful hours with my two best friends of which one is my boyfriend. During boarding the cabin personnel put me in the priority line whilst all the other travellers had to wait in the regular line.

But then the drama started.. I stowed my carry-on and went to my seat. There I found an Arabian couple who barely spoke a word English, even though they have a green card (eavesdropped them, what else to do on an 8 hour flight?). The woman I was sat next to was kind and calm, but she was so big she sat on my chair as well.. Not just a tiny bit, no, almost half of my chair! This turned out in me sitting in the flight attendant chair which isn’t very comfortable.

Economy class isn’t great for long-legged people but this was simply tragic. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t sit normally and my head was bursting because of the crying baby in the seat in front of me.

But hey, all of this really doesn’t matter anymore because I am in New York City!! Today was exhausting so I am about to sleep (but first finish the new episode of Revenge on ABC).. Tomorrow is a new day!

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