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Goodbye east coast, hello west coast!

Exactly four months ago I left the Netherlands for the east coast. I didn’t know what to expect but it has exceeded all my expectations, and more. Now, I’m sitting in my dormitory lobby, killing time before – once again – going on a new adventure: California.

This spring semester was better, cooler, crazier and much more than anything else I’ve ever done in the 21 years on this globe. Reality hasn’t hit me yet, I’m still chilling at the university like every other day, but it’s really over. The last words of this chapter have been written. 

In two hours I’m leaving Fairleigh Dickinson University once and for all, and I’m really sad to be leaving but also this amazing chapter has to end. I’m flying from JFK to LAX at 4 pm so in less than 9 hours I’m in the Golden State. Woohoo!!

Sun, sea and beach, here I come! 

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Hey, I’m Hank

I’m a drunk and I fucking love life. I’m almost never hungover, that’s the advantage of being a drunk. For this post, I’ve done research for many nights. Field research, yes drinking.

Friday, I woke up drunk. The night before was crazy. Jersey is probably the lamest place to go clubbing before the semester starts. Both pubs were empty but we decided to have drinks, shots and whatever anyway. The next day I had to meet with my counselor to register my schedule. At 9:30 am. Believe it or not, but I woke up on time after only three hours sleep. I walked up to the faculty which is a 15 minute walk from the cafe (where I had breakfast). I wasn’t able to stand straight, so how on earth was I going to make important decisions today? Right in front of my counselors’ office, I was wobbling and giggling ’cause I felt so funny and excited at the same time. Usually, I’m not the funny person in the group. I’m quiet and shy when I’m in big groups, but one to one I can be whatever you want. Just before I walked to my counselors’ office, I showered myself, brushed my teeth and put on some new clothes. Just in case she’d smell the vodka. Every single time I met a faculty member, I thought to myself “does he smell what I feel like?” and at one point I couldn’t take the hesitation anymore and asked a girl if I smelled badly. She said no. Thank God.

Of course, I had the worst luck of all. Because I was still at another level, I couldn’t pay any attention. So when we were discussing which subjects to take, I didn’t notice the overlap between 2 subjects. Thanks to this, I walked from my dorm (1) to the Student Union Building (2), to the Dickinson Hall (3), and then to Robinson Hall (4), Kron Administration Building (5) and back to the Dickinson Hall (2), only to realise then that I had to go back to Robinson Hall (4). Fuck me. I think I’ve walked for over 45 minutes and to be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing.

This is the route I walked. From 2 to 3 will take you 15 minutes.

My counselor is so kind. She helped me through every step of college schedule preparation. The annoying thing at this university though, is having to fill out so much paperwork. First you decide which classes to take, then you have to fill out all of the paperwork at least three times. Also, during introduction we were writing for about 2 hours. Things we had already filled out the day before. But that’s okay, it’s only the first week.

At 1:00 pm I finally finished the paperwork. I took a nap and had dinner in the SUB (student union building). After that my friends and I hung out til midnight and went to sleep. Next day NYC!

Around 2 pm Florian (my German friend whom I met on the first day) and I hopped on the bus off to NYC Port Authority (station). We were so happy and couldn’t wait to go clubbing. Unfortunately, the party we wanted to go to was sold out.. Cheeky as I am I wrote an email to the organisation because I wanted to go there so badly. What did they do? They put me +1 on the guest list. Fuck yeah! Too bad I didn’t read their email earlier, because that would’ve been epic. No, we were already on our way home. Better luck next time!

When Flo and I arrived at the campus our friends had bought us some vodka and we brought it to the local pub. We were drunk in an instant and had an insane night. Our American friend Brittany was the DD (designated driver/bob) so she watched us having the time of our lives whilst she was enjoying her soda. Yosua, Florian, Burak, Ruby and I were pretty pissed. It was one of the best nights in the last two weeks and hopefully we’ll repeat it soon. The next day they all were craving fast food and water (our uni cafe was closed and the water here is disgusting). I just felt normal, not even a slight headache. So thanks Amstelveenseweg people (friends back in Amsterdam) who prepared me for college drinking, even though this probably wasn’t your intention.

Okay, let’s get serious now. My observations about college so far: college is all about drinking, having fun and misbehaving when you don’t have classes. I really didn’t expect this to be honest but you won’t hear me complaining. Furthermore, college is a great way to meet internationals, building up a network outside of your comfort zone and of course, studying. My classes start on 28 January which was a couple of days ago. I’ve been a bit lazy writing this post, because I was too busy doing nothing and going to classes. Sorry!!

So on Monday I had my first class with a fantastic lecturer. Her name is Kirsten Tripodi and she’s one of the most loveable professors I’ve had to this date. This first class, called Manager & The Group was an introduction so nothing happened to be writing about. The professor of the next class didn’t show up and the class after that was simply amazing. I didn’t have high expectations so I wouldn’t be disappointed but it’s the exact opposite. Events Planning is great!! Our lecturer is VERY talkative but kind and she’s super interested in the differences between America and the Netherlands (I’ll definitely make a list about this one day).

Tuesday I only had one evening class. I had to draw myself and was dismissed after that. Due to a drain problem students couldn’t eat at the cafe and people of some of the buildings weren’t even allowed to shower (I could though).

Yesterday, Wednesday was my last class of the week. Intro to the study of wine. Brilliant! This professor is so interesting. He is 77 years old, has been to 147 countries and has many interesting stories to tell. His family owns the oldest wine merchant in the United States. He graduated from Columbia and later he became a professor at this university, teaching the current American president about wine. He told us three things about Obama: he was a good student, liked dating and something else (on request). The course is really fun and he makes it even cooler.

I’m off to the city in an hour. Gotta be back on time because tonight is THIRSTY THURSDAY! Everyone on campus is going to the pub. Should be amusing!

Oh by the way. This is my schedule.


11:30 – 12:30 Manager and the Group: Work Experience (there’s a chance I’m staying longer in the States if I can get myself an internship, hence why I’m doing this subject)

12:50 – 1:50 Professional Development Sequence Lab

3:30 – 6:00 Events Planning


5:30 – 8:00 Collage and Mixed-Media (arts)


12:30 – 1:30 Global Issues in Hospitality Management

6:30 – 9:00 Intro to the study of wine (free drinking, perfect)


5:30 – 8:00 Advertising Design

Partly fictional, partly real life. And no, I’m not a real drunk, I just like to exaggerate. Why introduce myself Hank? I really felt as if I was him last week. Californication is one of my favourite shows and Hank can be an inspiration, except/especially for his drinking habits (kidding). Oh and sorry for not posting earlier!

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