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..And ended up at the embassy


Wednesday morning I finally had an appointment with the American Consulate in Amsterdam. I am not much of a morning person so I had a tough job waking up. You see, the last year was a very lazy year for me. From January to May I had to go to school but only for 2,5 days a week and no early classes so I could sleep in every day. During the summer and fall my boyfriend and I did home improvements so we could just choose whenever to wake up. This spring semester is going to be hell, every day waking up before the sun even rises.

But yeah, back to the embassy.

I was very nervous because what would they ask? Would they deny my visa application? Did I bring all the necessary documents? Of course, I had to forget something. Proof that I had paid the application fee. For this reason I had to talk with 3 employees instead of 2. And God knows why, but I had my first appointment with the grumpiest employee in the bunch which didn’t make it any easier. This employee, a woman, was cranky and did not even have the decency to greet me. She scared me. I thought all of the employees would be cranky if she was. She took all of the documents and passed them on to the second person. The next two persons whom I talked with were so much more friendly and patient. The second person I spoke with was a bald man and he checked if I had paid all the visa fees. The last person asked me the following 3 questions:

  1. What are you going to do in America?
  2. How are you going to pay all the expenses?
  3. How are you going to keep in touch with family?

So that was that. One hour later, my visa application got approved. And two days later I found my passport along with the J-1 visa on the doormat. Woohoo!

And now, only 8 more nights left in the Netherlands and I still have to do so many things but more importantly, say goodbye to my friends..

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The start of a new adventure

Yes, I am officially enrolled in the spring semester at Fairleigh Dickinson University!


Let me tell you my plan.

On 20 January 2013 I am flying from Amsterdam to JFK airport and won’t be back until 10 June. I am counting the days and trying to make my last 27 days count. Together with my boyfriend I am throwing a new years eve x goodbye party and invited most of my friends and housemates to see them all together before I leave for the red, white and blue.

I will stay in the Upper West Side for two nights to explore the city everyone talks so greatly about and then move to the campus in Teaneck, NJ. That will be my home for four months and I cannot wait to meet my roommate!

Now why am I going to America? For my studies in the Netherlands I need to do a minor and I have chosen the minor International Exchange. I have always wanted to study abroad. I love travelling and see myself living all over the world, discovering new places and cities. My mum took me on a lot of city trips all over the world and even to a safari in Africa. I am very grateful for the life I have had with her and the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. In South Africa for example, there is a big gap compared to the life we have in the Netherlands and how very lucky we are with our infrastructure, prosperity and education. People usually forget to be grateful for what they have. But that is the thing, too often we do not realise what we have until it is gone.

Alright, back to education.

From January to May I will be doing the minor Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Metropolitan Campus of FDU. I am not sure about the subjects I will be doing but I am trying to get myself into the Club Management and Public Relations classes. Hopefully it will work out 🙂

Long story short: Flying to NYC on 20 January, going to FDU on 22 January, classes start on 28 January, exams end on 17 May and then.. VACATION.

Happy Christmas everyone x

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