What do you mean “Starbucks”, in Venice we have the streets

foto (11)

After spending a week between Hollywood, Malibu, San Diego and Santa Monica, it was about time for something different. In the afternoon I got a new haircut (it felt so posh drinking complimentary mimosa’s in a Hollywood hair salon!) and by the time the sun went down, we found ourselves strolling around the streets of Venice.

Venice is a cute little place with all of the original Californian features we see in television shows and movies. We walked by the canals in Venice just like Hank Moody did with Rebecca in Californication. It’s funny how I recognise more things from media the more I travel around the globe.

It’s a different place. You’d see the cool skateboard guys, surfers and even lifeguards with their lifeguard cars as we know them in the movies. If you’re planning on visiting LA, the Venice beach area is a good recommendation to spend at least an afternoon! The guy in the first picture was working on his laptop outside on the streets. Guess he’s too cool for Starbucks!

They’re all about contradictions though. Check out these restaurant signs:

foto (15) foto (14) foto (13)

Thomas Hamburgers “world famous chili” – China Beach “Vietnamese bistro” – “grill & sushi”

foto (9) afterlight

Tsunami evacuation signs throughout Los Angeles – Phil, this should be your buildings’ art!

Before heading back to Hollywood, we had dinner at a quirky place. The food was surprisingly good and the decor was different. See below. I can’t recall the name but it’s the restaurant with the “grill and sushi” sign.

foto (12)

These are some other snaps shot in Venice:

foto (16)foto (17)

foto (10)


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