Stress week

Oof, I’ve four stressful days ahead of me. I can’t believe four months have almost passed by already but there’s still so much stuff left to do! I just finished my final exam for Events Planning (it went well!) and now I’ve to finish two out of five drawings for my arts class that are due tomorrow night and have to be presented in class.

After the presentation, I’m gonna taste wine with a friend for the final paper I’m writing for Wine Studies. Very much looking forward to start writing this paper! I’m gonna write about food and wine combinations, for those who’re interested in my topic. Hopefully I’m able to WOW my professor. Small chance as he’s been in the wine business for a longer time than Bill Gates has been in the computer industry.. Wednesday afternoon I should be finished writing the paper.

Wednesday night and Thursday are dedicated to finalising five projects for Advertising Design. I’m super happy with the magazine cover, feature spread and secondary spread I made but I’m a perfectionist and won’t rest until the job is perfected. Life as a perfectionist is hard!¬†Besides these projects I also have to work on a poster and brochure and I still don’t know which way I want to go.

To be honest, I’m not stressed, I’m barely ever stressed out. For everyone who reads this and is in the same boat as I am: you’ll make it! Believe in yourself and work hard. I know the last mile is the hardest but you can do it!

Just keep in mind there’s only three more nights until Thirsty Thursday!

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