For all the men I know

Hi, I’m a girl and I love meeting new people but there’s something you need to learn about women in general. Have you every heard of the song “Hello” by Martin Solveig? That’s the womens’ national anthem. For all us girls (okay, most of us), giving a compliment to men does not mean “hey, I want to get into your pants!”. If a girl says “I like your beard”, she literally likes your beard or whatever she just complimented you about.

From my experience, men don’t get compliments. They love receiving them, but they always, and I mean ALWAYS believe there’s something behind this little compliment. No. I like giving people compliments, give them a little confidence boost, make them happy for a second. It really is as simple as it gets.

If you ask me for my number, you’ll probably get it because I’m a nice person and I want to be your friend, but just your friend, nothing more nothing less.

The thing with men (I shall be honest, this goes for a lot of women too) though, is they’re desperate for attention. This may or may not be deliberate but there will always be this hope in everyone’s mind that someone will like them in the way of “like like”. Hang on, there’s definitely someone out there for you! I’m sure you’ll find that person but until that time, don’t take every compliment too seriously. Just let it be, say thank you. You don’t have to compliment back, simply smile and thank the other one.

Another thing. Some people are in relationships. Men tend to forget this which leads to awkward situations. Guys and girls will never have a conversation like this in a bar/nightclub/etc:

Girl “Nice shirt!”
Guy “Hey thanks. What’s your name?”
Girl “My name is Elja and I have a boyfriend. What’s your name?”
Guy “..”

Yeah, that’s when we lost you. Can’t guys and girls just be friends? The one thing girls want is a pure platonic relationship with guys other than their love interest. (If you’re our love interest, believe me, you will notice. We will make it very, very obvious. That obvious, there’s no getting around that fact anymore.)

I’m just another girl who seems to like flirting and hanging out with people, and that person could be you.

Okay, now I proof read this post I see it’s kinda weird and awkward.. Well, I guess we just have to give in to the fact that it will always be like that.


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