I’m at Port Authority in New York waiting for my friends to pick up their phone. I’m meeting them in Chinatown to have dinner but I can’t get a hold of them. Now, as I was leaning against the wall a young woman walks up to me. She’s freaking out and about to cry. Her daughter had to go to the hospital immediately and the hospital is 6 hours away from Manhattan.

The woman tells me that her daughter was born with the down syndrome, has a heart disease and also has asthma. Next week she would’ve been operated but something went wrong today. She immediately was brought to the hospital because her heart is in bad condition.

The only problem was that the woman was $7 short on the bus ticket. I felt so bad for her and I could see in her eyes that she meant every word she said, so we went to an ATM and I gave her 7 bucks. She was relieved but still, six hours away from your child and being unable to help is emotionally very hard. I hope everything works out fine.

I told the woman I believe in karma and she’s a strong believer in karma as well. Today I helped someone out. I guess this was fate. For some reason I was standing in that spot unconsciously waiting for someone who was in need. I’m extremely gullible and maybe this was a scam but it doesn’t matter. Karma is a beautiful thing.


One thought on “Karma

  1. M says:

    Whatever pleases you is a pure action of karma 🙂

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