4 shots and no booze

It seemed like a mission impossible, going from Manhattan to the campus somewhere in New Jersey along with my two heavy suitcases. Around a quarter past ten this morning I walked away from the hotel. Bye hotel in the city, hello campus in Teaneck!

I smartly asked for the directions to George Washington Bridge as I have the worst orientation one can possibly have. From 117 West 79th Street to 81st Street with the C train. Overpass at 125th, switch to the A train and hop off 175th. Then I was advised to take a mexican bus to the university.

The driver told me where to get out and so I did. Strangely, the bus stop was on the highway and I had to walk down the road with the two suitcases (such a burden). Of course, I made a wrong turn and I ended up at a Korean church. It took me at least half an hour before I finally set foot on the campus ground.

The first thing I had to do was get a medical clearance. In the Netherlands it’s not standard practice to do such things so I didn’t know what to expect. A woman who went over my files told me I didn’t get all the vaccines I needed so I had to go the school nurse. Hepatitis B, Chicken Pox, Influenza and adult Tdap. Four shots. As a kid I used to love getting my yearly Influenza shot but after this experience not so much anymore. The first two didn’t hurt at all, but then came the third. Oh-my-god. This shot hurt so so very badly! I could cry (but I didn’t want to make a pussy impression). The last shot wasn’t as bad as the previous one, thank God. Now my arms are soar and I still have to go shopping for a duvet, blanket and more room stuff. Err, this hasn’t been my best day!

But now comes the worst part. Alcohol is prohibited on the campus because FDU is a so called dry campus. This is what they call a tragedy when you are used to having drinks almost everywhere with your friends. Bye vodka, I will miss you dearly..

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