New York, New York

New York, the greatest city of all. So they say. Yesterday, which was Monday, was my first real day in the big apple and since I had a lot of time on my hands, I decided to plan absolutely nothing. Okay, except for one thing: buying pajamas. I knew where I wanted to buy them, Victoria’s Secret of course. So after I had showered and prepped myself to explore the city, I walked to the subway and asked the first person which way to go to Herald Square.

I hopped of on 34th Street and asked a cleaner which way to go to Herald Square. He told me that if you see Macy’s, it’s right next to that. Unfortunately I was way too excited and walked to the left, only to notice this when I walked all the way up to Times Square (which really isn’t that impressive!) via 23nd St, Penn Station and back again. But I finally found it, right next to the station!

Last november Victoria’s Secret opened a flagship store in Manhattan. I knew that if I wanted cool pajamas, I had to go there. Guess I was wrong. I have inspected every floor (there are 3 of them) at least three times and all of the lingerie and bikinis were absolutely stunning, but for some reason they sold only 3 kinds of PJs. I will definitely come back to this store but not in the near future as it will make me poor as hell.

After Victoria’s Secret I wandered around between 7th and 5th Avenue. I have to say, I expected so much more of New York. I expected it to be bigger, brighter, higher and definitely way more crowded. Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day so maybe this explains why trains didn’t come as much as in London and why some stores were closed. Hopefully the weekend will be much more exciting and fun.

My feet couldn’t bear to walk another meter so I decided to go back to the hotel. First, I had to figure out which way to go. Someone told me I had to change trains at the Rockefeller Center stop so I did, but smart as I am I took the wrong train (but in my defense, it was the right letter!) and ended up in Brooklyn. The ride was interesting though. A homeless (I think so at least) woman gave a speech to someone on the train, with gestures, shouting and the whole shebang. She had a fiery debate with someone but I didn’t want to look who she was talking to, because maybe she would have yelled at me too.

I pretended I listened to my music but secretly overheard her/them. At one point she said “I hope you make a gun and fucking explode yourself, cause there ain’t a thing you can do about it. You buy your clothes at Gucci and JCPenny, carry a bag from Macy’s but you won’t even help poor people. The only thing you people are good for is paying taxes”.

After a short while I noticed she was talking and shouting to a non-existing person. Someone in her head probably. She made a couple of good points and made me think about how materialistic the world is. I am materialistic, I love spending money (good for our economy!) but I do care about people. Then why don’t I often give money to a homeless person? If you want a better world you have to start with yourself, but I don’t think it really works that way. Maybe they will spend your money on drugs or alcohol, but perhaps they are trying to make a better them. I don’t know. It is late (at the time of writing) and my head keeps spinning around this woman.

New York, what have you done to me? I was used to be zen in my head and now I am constantly thinking!

I will see you soon, big apple. But the next couple of days are devoted to international student orientation at the university..

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