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The start of a new adventure

Yes, I am officially enrolled in the spring semester at Fairleigh Dickinson University!


Let me tell you my plan.

On 20 January 2013 I am flying from Amsterdam to JFK airport and won’t be back until 10 June. I am counting the days and trying to make my last 27 days count. Together with my boyfriend I am throwing a new years eve x goodbye party and invited most of my friends and housemates to see them all together before I leave for the red, white and blue.

I will stay in the Upper West Side for two nights to explore the city everyone talks so greatly about and then move to the campus in Teaneck, NJ. That will be my home for four months and I cannot wait to meet my roommate!

Now why am I going to America? For my studies in the Netherlands I need to do a minor and I have chosen the minor International Exchange. I have always wanted to study abroad. I love travelling and see myself living all over the world, discovering new places and cities. My mum took me on a lot of city trips all over the world and even to a safari in Africa. I am very grateful for the life I have had with her and the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. In South Africa for example, there is a big gap compared to the life we have in the Netherlands and how very lucky we are with our infrastructure, prosperity and education. People usually forget to be grateful for what they have. But that is the thing, too often we do not realise what we have until it is gone.

Alright, back to education.

From January to May I will be doing the minor Hotel and Restaurant Management at the Metropolitan Campus of FDU. I am not sure about the subjects I will be doing but I am trying to get myself into the Club Management and Public Relations classes. Hopefully it will work out ūüôā

Long story short: Flying to NYC on 20 January, going to FDU on 22 January, classes start on 28 January, exams end on 17 May and then.. VACATION.

Happy Christmas everyone x

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Cheap haircut in amsterdam?

Two weekends ago I worked at the career fair in Utrecht. It was the end of the day, I walked around the fair and came across the B Acadamy stand. This woman, who was checking out my hair asked if I wanted a haircut for only ‚ā¨5. Yeah sure! So I¬†signed¬†myself up on their website and four days later I was sitting in a chair waiting for my hair to be cut.

I have to say, it took my hairdresser ages to cut my hair properly. But the result is perfect.¬†So if you don’t mind sitting in a chair for 2 or 3 hours (depending on the length of your hair), I recommend you to go to B Academy. A ‚ā¨50 haircut for only ‚ā¨5!

These are the results:


B Academy is their hairdressing course and Salon B is their actual hairdresser’s saloon. They always need new hair models, both male and female for haircuts, high lights, permanent hair colouring and the styling of hair.

See youuuu x

Hangout with The Blonde Salad

A couple of days ago Chiara Ferragni wrote this post. She simply asked her followers to write some questions down in order to have a chance to meet her on Google+. No sooner said than done! Yesterday eve I checked my mail and saw this:

Hangout – Chiara Ferragni‚ÄŹ

I could’t believe it! Was I really chosen to meet her? It is kind of a big deal to me. I read her blog every day and she is a real icon in the fashion industry. So today at 3 o’clock sharp I was sitting on the couch with a laptop on my lap, waiting for the Google+ Hangout to begin.

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 4.21.44 PM

Half an hour later we finally began. It was a bit awkward in the beginning because everyone had their mic on and it was the very first time for all of us to do a hangout like this. The first to speak was Ata Kurtcan, followed by me, Mireia Redondo, Sara Rimondi and last but not least, Andrianna Isaakidou.

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 4.21.01 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 4.20.37 PM

I think all of us didn’t really know what to do in such short time but it worked out perfectly! Everyone had the chance to ask her some questions and she would answer them with a big smile on her face. Chiara is an amazing woman who worked so hard to be where she is at the moment. One of the questions I asked her is what she would do if she had only one more day to live and she answered that she would spend it with her beloved ones on the beach. I would spend the day with my friends as well, but differently. My friends and I love house music so I would organise the greatest party they could ever have dreamed of. After all, your friends are the ones you can choose and I cannot imagine a life without them.

I hope that other followers will get a chance like this too. It may sound silly, but these 30 minutes gave me the strength to fulfill my wishes. Chiara has been living her dream for a couple of years now and I hope that, one day I am able to say so too.


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All things truly wicked start from innocence

Here we are. My first blog about travelling, style, music and nightlife.¬†My name is Elja, a 21 year old student from the Netherlands with a lot of baggage. As most young women, I’m struggling through life but trying to make the most out of it, every single day.

Talk to you soon!